We have been brought up to believe, that whatever happens, happens for the best. And whatever we do, in the end things will figure themselves out, because God has a plan for all of us. Swedish House Mafia told us “Don’t you worry child”, and split up. All of the fiction that we munch on, our generation has been brought up to believe, that no matter what we do, God has a plan for us, and a good plan at that.

But how true is that? We are just a civilisation that came to a 4.6 billion years old planet not more than 200,000 years ago. Which translates to only 0.004% of Earth’s history. And don’t even get me started on how Earth is one of the “new” planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. Which by the way has galaxies older than itself!

Add to that, the 7.3 billion of us living on this planet! Does heaven or more specifically God really have the time to make an elaborate plan for each single one of us??? Does He suddenly decide one day, “Ohh I see Jim has been happy for a long time. Lets give him cancer” or “Hey Miranda has been failing for a long time now. My planner says she’s supposed be on the cover of Forbes magazine in 999 days. I better start working on that.”

You really think God has the time to plan and figure all of that out? Plan and coordinate every single stupidity that each one of us does? He might just be chilling, doing whatever it is that is God and citizens of Heaven like to do! He is God, not the Planning Committee.

Having said all of this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in God. I am not an atheist. I’m also a strong disciple of karma being a bitch. What I’m trying to imply is that maybe, just maybe this theory was devised to make people hopeful, that in the end everything will be all right, you just worry about what you are supposed to do. Just to set a base for all humanity.

Yes, Jim getting cancer may or may not be because of something he did in his past. Maybe Jim is just unfortunate. But every now and then, we hear the story of a Jim who was strong and battled and conquered cancer. The same story, a different Jim. Maybe one of these days, one of the Jims might conquer cancer with the help of a Miranda, who probably would have discovered the cure for cancer. Because Miranda believed in herself, when no one else did.

The problem is not in the theory of God having a plan for each one of us. The problem is in how people interpret it. “Hey, I’m just gonna sit here and sulk till God solves all my problems. Because that’s what God does, plan my life!”

But, haven’t we also been taught that God helps those who help themselves? Maybe that makes much more sense. Maybe god has a plan for us, when we have a plan for ourselves. He gave you heart, brain and mind, human! Use it, and plan your own! You won’t be coming in God’s way; you would just be his little minion and helping him! And we all love minions, don’t we? 🙂

I do believe in destiny. But what if we are so busy believing in destiny that we miss on the actual opportunities that come our way. What if something that we have always wanted is right around the corner but we give up at the last step, thinking destiny will do its work.

We accept God’s will pretty easily. A relationship falls out; it’s God’s will, there is something better in store for you. Someone loses his or her job; God’s will. You are not finding an appropriate life partner; God’s will. God does not have the time to manage each one of our lives!! Something going wrong in your life is not God’s will. Most of it is just an example of how you as a human are different from everyone else you know. And that is okay; that’s what makes you unique. Make it your strength and fight all those challenges life is throwing at you. Because if you don’t find yourself worth fighting for, why would anybody else?


WORD OF CAUTION: While you are busy making lemonade out of those lemons, just be sure, not to put some of it in someone’s eye! Fighting for or helping your own self doesn’t have to be at the expense of others. Because well, karma will always be a bitch. :p


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